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"Stand your ground - against all odds"

In Galactic Core: The Lost Fleet you get to experience in VR being the leader of a galactic fleet who crashed down on an unknown planet


play as one of three unique hero classes,
each equipped with its own set abilities

Meet the hero classes

Dual Gunner

- Offense, Fast Fire Rate
- Deals out damage in multiple directions,
- increased energy.

Offhand Weapon
- Blaster Gun
- Wields a second Blaster Gun for additional fire power.

Special Ability
- Fire Offhand Weapon - Fires second Blaster Gun,
- consumes no additional energy.

Ultimate Ability
Activate Bullet Rage, Weapons turn fully automatic - increasing fire rate and grants unlimited clip size.


- Defense

- Endurance Tank

Offhand Weapon
- Energy Shield, Wields a shield blocking ranged damage.

Consumes energy on blocking damage.

Special Ability
- Activate Shield Wall,

- Turn energy shield into a larger shield wall.

Ultimate Ability

Deploy Shielding Dome, Energy dome covering the entire stronghold blocking both melee and ranged damage.Consumes energy on activate.


- Offense, Area of Effect

- Master of explosives & deadly gadgets

Very high energy points & regeneration.

Offhand Weapon
- Trap Launcher

- Wields a Launcher that deploys deadly Energy Traps.

Special Ability
- Energy Traps explode on contact with an enemy,

- Energy traps damaging all nearby enemy targets.

- If deployed on land an energy trap opens into a
landmine that explodes when approached.

Ultimate Ability

Turret-Bot - Deploys a Turret that automatically fires
at nearby enemy targets.

Join the fight
Survive your way through waves of deadly space creatures.
Utilize your space agent unique class and special abilities
to save your people, ship and planet.

If you can...

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